The Forbidden City

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The forbidden city. With two big wins available in the first game, then you should keep that in mind. The logo symbol is the wild card of the game. On top of that, you can use it to replace any of the other symbol mentioned before and complete some extra winning combinations. If you are lucky enough, coins with the help of the wild symbol triggers the special bonus game. The wild symbol can show up on any of the regular pay lines to make wins. The special bonus game increases the amount you can win by picking 1 symbol to reveal how much you've won. Once you reveal three scatter symbols the wheel will appear before awarding you 10 spins to add one symbol on the wheel. And now you're out of luck you'll have. You'll be granted three features on the wheel to start with which could include the wild symbol. This will help you to create more winning lines and more winning combinations available. If the wild symbol gives you a win, the prize under the wild symbol will also be doubled. Theres also the scatter symbol too; this doesnt have to cost much of its own money but reduces the payout. If you land three scatter symbols and you'll win either 15, 20 or 25 extra spins. If the scatter appears anywhere on the board you'll win 40 or 30 spins if you're lucky enough to land three; this win takes you to the extra spin where you could win up to 200 free spins. If you land the scatter symbol during the free spins you'll have the chance to win up 10 free spins. And if the appearance of the wild symbol on reel three during the free spins round you'll find that particular symbol. And if the scatter symbol appears for the first time your free spins will be subject to 5 more wilds appearing at the same time. This round is played at the 1st and 5th reels you'll find you've hit those 8 free spin symbols again as if your spins was the last time i had extended. The other way to boost your wins in free spin power is through this round, you'll see what your win amount is worth. It will be available to you once you've completed three checks and you'll be given another 10 spins. Saucify is a quality over quantity and some games that cant be faulted with the smooth graphics.

The Forbidden City Slot for Free

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