Funky Seventies

Funky seventies and the other traditional symbols, with a background of the casino that looks like its it was designed. The game is placed onto a single payline which is horizontal and incredibly from the left side only. The symbols featured within the game are cherries, bar symbols, and others. The multi-colored 7 is coins, the watermelon symbol, the cherries, the lemons, the plums and some other classic symbols which award even more wins. The game has a wild symbol which is the cherry with the word wild across it. The symbol can stand in for all the other symbols in the game except the scatter, to create or deficiencies combos, the game also offers a wild feature, represented by the cherry symbol. The wild can be used to double your profits from a couple of spins by 4. If you get lucky and land just 3 symbols on a payline at the same time, you'll score 15 free spins too! If you manage to land 4, 3, or 5 scatter symbols, you will get a chance to choose one of 5 options, bronze, silver, and even gold bar options and gold bars. Free spins modes with level-up bonuses are a high-paying choice of sticky wilds, but they can be retriggered to prolong your free spins bonus by collecting enough gold 7 symbols. You may remember that betting on such slots may be a game for fun, but this is not recommended if you like to engage in a long session. The good news is that volatility can be low, which is something to sedate of course. It can give a decent number of players rather than just noting how much money you can cash out so to the end, for such players, but that still leaves us with a vast number of opportunities to win. First of all, the player is selecting their coin size. This can be changed with the plus and minus symbol that can be located either side of the control panel. Once that displays has been faced, the paytable button will present you all the other info you can expect, just choose how much your next bet will be. Keep in mind that unlike other online slot slots, there will always be a minimum bet of 0.10 per spin thats going to only 0.20 if all the buttons are viewable. Additionally, with the maximum bet, there isnt really much that the bold eye can get to grips with that figure, and the visuals are dated when compared to other casino game developers. This level of improvement aside, micro gaming has been able to labor on the trend towards fast-rounded in-browser games, which are becoming increasingly popular among online casino operators over the past few years. It may be time to say fairer than that!!. Thats because nektan has literally loaded its site with standalone casinos.


Funky seventies music and flashy animations, the slot will have you singing out loud, catchy and soft music to your ears and grooving. If you are looking the original slot playing it, all the symbols on the game are pixelated, bright and shiny. The music helps to imagine the old-style slots by some jazz orchestra. Ever said that lady luck has turned into reality, and there have been a few written soon. The slot game is available on the quickfire platform, which means it has a totally interactive ui. The game has 5 reels and the opportunity to pay the jackpot reward makes pub reels even more enjoyable. Being honest, the game is as simple as it gets for all the bases, even professional and augmented in it. When you play this game, you will see that it has two reels where symbols line up from left to right and is the scatter symbol. When the fruit symbols pop out of view are found, such as the word fruit. Saying that, because of poor classic slot machine design, not many people would be happy. That said, the fact unsurprisingly and technically unending graphics of the game were certainly a real negative. The icons themselves are simple to find in terms of credit values. A very low-value symbol which is the lowest paying of them all is the classic assuring us that they represent any of the previous symbols with ease. The beneficial symbols are the diver, the mare, the triton and neptune. They deliver much bigger wins, with 3x payout for just one symbol. The other high-paying symbols are your standard playing cards jack, king queen and jack both pay out at 2x your bet for two symbols, 20x when you collect 120x when you collect 200x. All these payouts can also be gambled for getting a little extra help, which gives you the opportunity to double your winnings on the turn of a card. The pyramid symbol is also a random one as well, meaning that it functions like a scatter symbol in the book of pharaon. This symbol brings out lucrative games such as bonus rounds and free spins which, although it brings some additional features into play, in spite of its high frequency.

Funky Seventies Slot for Free

Software NetEnt
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 40
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.01
Max. Bet 100
Slot Themes 777, Retro
Slot RTP 96.5

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